The following is the work of resident poet Claude Emile Gaston Duchamp


Stoke up the embers, Florida Coast Pirate pipes are here!
They're burly and surly and a bit more than squirrely, so smoke 'em with rum or with beer!


Tobacco Field

Tobacco field, your lovely yield swims round and round my head.
You've almost succeeded in taking my mind, off the pretty girls inside the shed.


Christmas pipe

Christmas pipe as french horns sing,
Lovely tobacco as silver bells ring
All at home with no place to go,
Just as I like it, quiet and slow.


Pipe spotting

Walking to town I spied a wee tot,
Out from his mug a pipe I did spot
How old must he be? I think maybe three.

I wonder if a light he has got? 


Pipe or Cigar?

Pipe or cigar, 
Bicycle or car,
Halibut or steak,
My mind starts to ache.
I shall not decide,
But with you confide,
At home or at bar,
Both pipe and cigar!


Bog Dog

As loyal as the best terrier
As rough as the eldest ferrier
As dark as the darkest night's wind
Any troubles to weigh you
Any persons betray you
Bog Dog is there for the mend. 



Will o' the wisp calls,
Chills grow as the glow of his pipe beckons,
Will, with his pipe Granna
Nothing good can come of this.


Hell Moth

Oh Lepidopterror
What great Hell Moth you are!
Your stomach full of briar
My heart, full of memories


Revolting Hussars

Long in the stem and ready to battle
A Hussar's revolt scares even the cattle
Hussars make their own way o'er river and ground
And find their way in to your country then town
Their bruising and scarring is but evidence
That the place they seek most is your residence


To be a Cooke

A Cook you may be but a Cooke you are not
Just consider the rings of his blast
A Cook may cook rings of onions but J.T.
Cooks pipes which are gorgeous and last

Witch's Foot
Tobacco soot and Witch's Foot,
My luck belong to thee.
My health and wealth I neatly put,
In tangled ribbons of glee.

Gnome's Liver

Liver of Gnome, wherever you roam,
I will always be fast on your trail.
Through forest and lake, I never forsake,

This hunt I have for my grail.


Brothers Grim

Brothers five of tree and sand,
How well you fit in nimble hand.
Scratch and bite, scrape and claw,
You hurt my hand like toothed saw.
Bravado, guts, patience and time,
Are what I need to make you mine.


Florov Weather

Whether sunny or drizzle
By use of a chisel
The mundane has been tore off
An elegant flower
Or cavalier towerIt must be a pipe from Florov


The Regulars

There may be stars in the sky
There may be beauty afar
There may be elegance at some other location
But it is here I will sit
Quite beyond just content
With my leaf and my regular rotation


Dear Leaf, Good Leaf

You chronicle our seasons,
while seasoning our time.
You fall without care,
onto ground,or into bowl.
You change color without care,
while caring for our inspirations.
Dear leaf, good leaf,what life we have today.

Friday’s Progress

Tired fingers work together
To lightly pinch the leaf
From pouch to pipe
The time honored companion
Ever reliable
Embraces the alchemical change
It happens in the pipe
It happens in the person


Reindeer, come hither

Reindeer, come hither.
What magic you bring.
Pleasant words abound,
when you are near.
Yet even more pleasing,
the pipe you will give.
Reindeer, come hither.


A Gift’s Journey

Hiding in a tree,
nourished by the rains.

Plucked by man, 
seasoned by time.

Carved by an artist,
placed in a bag.

Delivered by Santa,
smoked by me. 


Latakian Prose

If not Virginia, then pray, allow me converse
but for stolen moments of clarity
with the lady of Latakia
whose prose are an inspired blend
which twist the air and climb upward
together with the smoke from my pipe
keeping me captive to the beautiful moment.


Upstairs Dormer

Find me if you must, in the upstairs cozy dormer
Find me if you will, with my scotch and small nosewarmer
Take the time to sit by me, let us talk philosophy
Let us light, on this night, fine tobacco. 


Morning at the Palace

Warming coffee
Slice of cake
Favored pipe
Navy flake
Wooden matches
Ember glow
Trusted tamper
Thoughts to grow


Nature and My Friend

Chorusing frogs
Whispering pines
Rustling grasses
Mingling vines
Nature envelopes
Time to unwind
With my thoughts and friend, my pipe.